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Earth Elemental Tea


The mighty element Earth is cold and dry; its season is Fall and can be found in the zodiac in Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn. Earth is related to structure and sensation. It slows, and grounds, offering stability and security while integrating outside experiences into the body. This tea delivers Earths energetics and support through herbs that root, nourish, dispel heat and dampness, and tone structure. The flavor is bitter yet earthy sweet, slightly astringent. Think of cooling Birch, bitter Dandelion, toning Raspberry and sweet earthly herbs. 

Earth in balance is grounded and secure, abundant, true to self and loved ones, healthy and strong with good stamina, a hard-worker, welcoming, discerning, stable. Use Earth tea to remain nourished,

Earth excess looks like mental dullness, sluggish in body and mind, hard growths, rigid, unresponsive, overly dry and constipated, over or under weight, withholding and self-centered, brittle, chronic issues or toxic buildup. Use Fire and Air tea to harmonize.

Earth deficient results in a hard time maintaining weight, poor stamina, weakness of body especially in bones, low strength, nervousness from feelings of instability, poor immunity, rejection of people and ideas, pushover and ungrounded in self. Use Earth to balance.


 2oz about 18 servings

Brew 1 heaping spoonful in 8oz h2o for 10 minutes


Contains: Burdock Root^ (Arctium lappa,) Dandelion Root^ (Taraxacum officinale,) (Raspberry Leaf*^ (Rubus spp.) Red Clover^ (Trifolium pratense,) Chaga+ (Inonotus obliquus,) Rosehips^ (Rosa multiflora,) Corn Silk^ (Zea mays,) Black Birth Bark^ (Betula lenta.)

 *=Organically source ^=Wildcrafted or grown by Ritual Botanica +=sourced sustainably

Hydrosols are versatile and safe medicine. Spray a few spritz on your face and body for toning and refreshing. Try it in your hair or on a pillow. It makes a great spray for your environment, rather it be a workplace or home space. Hydrosols can cleanse and change the energy in the area without the smoke of incense. Many of the products are safe to consume; try spritzing a cup of water or a fun cocktail. Anyway you use them hydrosols will bestow the spirit of the plant into the surroundings, helping you connect with it's essence and energy. 

Each bottle comes with suggested use.

The shelf life will be on your bottle - "1-2 years from [date bottled]" the gap in time here is pretty big, but that's because it depends on how it's taken care of. 

Care Tips: keep in a cool place, away from direct sunlight. Do not leave in your car or the freezer, however the fridge will greatly increase the shelf life while providing an extra refreshing spray! Avoid opening the cap often to keep oxygen and contaminates out. Keep somewhere you'll remember to use it!

We suggest using the medicine in 6 months-1yr. Why? We don't use chemical preservatives and plant medicine can degrade over time. Skin care should be treated like food, used fresh and whole. So use it up, #treatyoself!

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Please be aware of any allergies or sensitivities you may have before using the products. All ingredients are transparent and chemical free for this reason. 

If you are pregnant or breastfeeding be extra careful about using herbal medicine products. It is a good idea to contact your physician about using essential oils or herbs being that every doctor has their own recommendations and warning regarding the use of herbal medicine during pregnancy, breastfeeding and for infants and children. 

The information provided on this website and the products sold by Ritual Botanica are not intended to treat, cure, prevent, or diagnose any disease or medical condition, and does not substitute for medical advice of a physician. Statements on this site are not FDA evaluated. 


RB wants you to completely cherish your products!  If you are unhappy with your product please send info@ritualbotanica.com an e-mail within 48 hrs of arrival with detailed explanation of issue. We try to give as many details about the items as possibly; if you have any questions please ask before you purchase. A credit or refund can be arranged with return of the item, in which case the purchaser will be responsible for shipping cost. 

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