Herbalism isn’t just herbs,


Herbalism is deep understanding.

It’s about understanding ourselves, our stories, our past, our strengths, our shadows, our environment, the seasons, the stars, the plants & the earth, and how these connections influence and create our everyday life.

In order to be at our most vibrant state, we must recognize ourselves as individuals being molded in our own individual way, and part of a very interconnected ecosystem.

As an Herbalist I am interested in finding the root imbalances effecting well-being, then investigating patterns and evaluating how and why they came about. Once this discord is in our awareness, we can work together to unravel the knots and restore harmony in our body, minds, souls, emotions, bringing upon an optimal state. A place we feel radiant and excited about life.

Once we understand ourselves in a complete way, the idea of “healing” no longer holds us back from knowing that we are whole, and healed, just as we are. Whatever issues that are coming up, even if they are discomforting, are just teachers helping us to learn, grown, and transform.