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Botanical Distillation

What is Distillation

Distillation is an acient art.

There’s evidence of distillation going back to the Himalayas 5000 years ago; Egyptian’s use of plant waters and distillation apparatus’ date before the 4th century BCE. Distilled plant waters had a place in ancient Greek, Roman and Persian medicine.

During hydro-distillation heat opens the plants cells releasing volatile compounds. These aromatic, therapeutic and intelligent elements bestow themselves to steam, which then goes through a condenser and arrives as a liquid state on the other end as essential oil and essential water (hydrosol.)

At Ritual Botanica we distill specifically for high quality hydrosols.
Hydrosols aren't just essential oil added to water, they are a complete water medicine, saturated with the plant's essence, infused in each molecule.

Distilling encompasses all the elements in the process, Fire, Earth, Water, Air & Aether. Hydrosols specifically are high in the Water and Air elements, which in Alchemy translates to the Spirit. Hydrosols embody the plant's Spirit, it's intelligent animating life force.

These essential waters are a pure plant medicine, energetically charged when produced with care. They have the ability to gently open parts of us, to awaken our own deep healing with their subtle ways. As water medicine they are safe and versatile; they strongly tune into the emotional being to sooth or seep into deep hidden crevasses of ourselves and bring awareness to life.

Aromatic medicine is powerful. It's invisible medicine seeps deep into our unconscious vs the limbic system. The compounds we take in with our inhale bypass much of our psychological processes to interact with an old part of our brain, the amygdala, where memories and emotions are held. This little volatile molecules are ones of communication, and they speak in many ways. They usher up our own psyche and well as that of the plants. It's a two way conversation, one that speaks in the language of the soul.

Ritual Botanica started in 2014, but I was making plant medicine and aromatic medicine much before. Hydrosols and oils have always been a part of our offerings as I believe they are vital for deep work. You may not also find many classes on the top as well as products. The classes go beyonf just the physical realm of herbal medicine to explore all the layers that are required for true transmutation. 

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