Ritual Botanica is an artisan herbal apothecary in the ancient Blue Ridge Mountains, unceded Tsalaguwetiyi / Cherokee territory.

At the heart of Ritual Botanica is
a connection to the worlds less heard;
the worlds of plants, elements, psyche and unseen realms.

This connection is powerful, and most potent when tended.
​Having a relationship with the natural world has the ability to harmonize the being and ignite health -
Spiritual, Emotional and Physical. 

The products you'll find here are meant to further this connection, helping you craft personal rituals around self care.

It's pure herbal magic, truly hand crafted from seed to bottle, full of wild plants and spirit essences.

Our high hope is that you'll love the products as much as we do, and nurture a desire to incorporate plants & nature into your everyday rituals. 

Carefully Crafted in Appalachia

Featured product

Mystery Medicine Tote

Mystery Medicine Tote


From the heart of a herbalist

Medicine & Magick

For those who embrace otherworlds