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im not a huge fan of writing reviews but i absolutely love ash and her plant magick! this tincture has already helped me so much with my sleep. I feel like i can sleep a bit deeper without waking up so much throughout the evening like i normally do. The taste is also delicious, you can really feel the quality. Thank you for your beautiful offerings

Favorite medicine

We had the chamomile glycerin before this Little Rascal and just adore it. My daughter asks for it and I like to use it both ritualistically and as a teaching to be sparing with our plant medicine (cause she’d probably drink all of it in one go if I let her).


This works wonders for muscle tension and pain associated with it!


This spray is so fresh, clean, & absolutely beautifully scented naturally. It will enhance any moment. A total mood shifter-bringing in feelings of love, happiness & heightened senses. I spray it everywhere on everything, mix a face mask with it, spray your pillow, my child adores it, it gets taken everywhere with me. Thank you for creating this!!

Gotu Kola // organic tincture

Wonderful Echinacea

It is very calming, I throughly enjoy it. I like it by itself as the echinacea is magical and oh so good. Sometimes I’ll add it to a different teas to enhance it. You can really feel and taste the greatness with this blessed flower.
Thank you so much.
Ritual Botanica is one of my favorite stores ever.

Love this product to death

This is the third or fourth rose water I’ve purchased because I love them so much. My only comment is that it seems like the type of spray top has switched since my last purchase, and it sends a more direct shoot of liquid. I miss the old spray tops that would produce a nice fine mist. Other than that, this is perfection and love in a bottle! Thank you!

Heart splintered to Heart Centered

I have some in my mouth as I type. Yum it taste lovely. I am looking to mend damage of my physical heart associated with broken heart & grief. I trust Ritual Botanica’s formulas & dig that gotu kola is in the mix for brain fog & support in strengthening connective tissue. I’m starting slow & taking 10 drops 3X daily working my way up to recommended dosing. Thank you for growing this medicine!


The milky oats is awesome, I use it in the morning, sometimes I wake up with a little bit of a sore throat and I use this. It helps very much and makes my day brighter! :)
I love this product and recommend!


I honestly cannot verbally describe the healing and relief this medicine has provided for my heart chakra. Alchemy for the heart is exactly what this blend is. I am hoping she continually makes this because I see myself needing more soon!!

Sweetgrass Spray


Love spraying this all over my altar and before ritual. Ash has really captured the essence of this beautiful and powerful medicine in a bottle!

Moon Time Blessing

This blend is AMAZING. I have super painful moon time, and have been known to swallow multiple Ibuprofen at a time to just exist with cramps. This stuff WORKS.

So far so good!

I’m taking two dropperfulls once-twice a day. You can really taste the spice of the ginger and cayenne, which takes some getting used to. In order to “take with intention” I hold the dropperfull on my tongue for a couple seconds, savoring the taste and letting the magic soak in for a moment before swallowing and letting it get to work internally. I can feel my long suppressed griefs bubbling below the surface, slowly rising and rising. “Not yet,” I say to it. “I’m not ready yet. It’s not time yet.” And it rises and rises. Soon, I know, it will pour forth. I ready myself, prepare for the grounding I’ll need to anchor me through this. I put the finishing touches on Chapters that I will close once and for all, as a new one waits around the corner. And it rises and rises.

Marigold heaven

This hydrosol is sooo fragrant and fresh and delicious! Been spraying it all over my body and using it in ceremony to connect with ancestors. In love.

The best!!!!

I would highly recommend anything from ritual botanica.
I can tell the magic that comes with each item and I love how everything smells. I use it for ritual spray but also helps my skin. I am grateful for this shop!
Thank you for your plant knowledge and medicines🌻🌿

Subtle and Sensual

Cap Sun, Cancer Rising, Taurus Moon. Originally only going to buy the Cancer anointing oil, but decided to go with oils for all three major signs. After smelling the Capricorn and Cancer oils, I almost couldn’t smell the Taurus oil, it is so very subtle. Which is not a bad thing! Just letting you know the difference. After a handful of sniffs I finally caught the deeper echos of the scent, and it was like a warm glide of massage oil down my bones, causing my toes to curl and feel that lick of arousal swirl in my womb. Oof. I don’t know how I’m going to use this oil for anointing (I didn’t know it would be THAT sensual), but I think my bedside drawer is a good place for it ;) Only the medium was available, but I really wanted to order the large.

Amazing stuff!

Cap Sun, Cancer Rising, Taurus Moon. I was only going to buy the Cancer anointing oil since water energy is one of the main energies I’m working with right now. But this Capricorn description: “Many talk of Capricorns but very few actually know them...” !!??! Like, damn! You got it! Finally, someone who gets us!! So I had to order one. I’m bummed only a medium was available when I really wanted a large. The smell is fantastic! Very strong scent that is earthy and grounding. Definite Hermit in the Cave vibes, which I dig. When these are called “anointing” oils, they’re not messing around. Super high vibrational energy. I wonder what magical goodness we’ll get up to together <3 :)

Pure Magic

Cap Sun, Cancer Rising, Taurus Moon. I bought the anointing oils for all three of my main signs. I bought this in a size large and I’m so glad I did! As soon as I smelled it, immediately I feel soothed and started to relax. I want to say that it’s soothing like the rocking of the ocean CAN be ( bc we know that it isn’t always!). The scent makes me think of standing in a wildflower meadow near a cliff overlooking the ocean, with the salty breeze blowing in, although I’m positive there’s no salt in this mixture! This oil is really amazing stuff!! I didn’t need to energetically cleanse it at all (like I do with most things I buy). Just holding the bottles was making my hands warm and tingly! Smelling it was enough to heighten my own vibrational energy, it’s that powerful. I’m so glad that I supported a small business!!! Definitely a repeat buy!

Blessing water !

Ash is sensational. A true person and her care and attention shows in all of her products. I love the clear bottle, the translucent color and spritzing the directions with Florida water as an offering. I have never been disappointed with Ritual Botanica. I always receive an extra sense of joyful surprise and delight from the packaging to the bottles and labels to the amazing products themselves

Passionflower // tincture

Anything by Ash is 5 stars

A special person that crafts beautiful and supportive formulas and single herbs.


this has to be one of my favorite florida waters i have ever had the pleasure of purchasing. it is refreshing, i feel great spraying on my face and the back of my neck, as well as my space. i also love the slight purple hue. will definitely be getting this again!!

Thank you

A wonderful rendition of the original Florida Water with the intentional addition of jinx-breaking and energetic cleansing herbs. Thank you for creating this product. Labeling and packaging are immaculate. Thank you. I now understand why everyone always raves about you.

Fresh and energetic

This has a delightful zippy taste and freshness. I felt a little under the weather last week and dosed regularly with this, whatever it was didn’t get me. Definitely keeping this around at all times.