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Calendula // dried herb


Spirit of Magnolia

Magically intoxicating and incredibly soothing. This potion is beyond special. You can absolutely feel the amount of love and energy poured into it. Thank you for creating such potent offerings!


This product is great for my Triple Goddess altar.


Absolutely lovely blend. Has a wonderful citrus zip to it while remaining bracingly bitter. I’ve used it every single day and I’m smitten

Holy Basil // organic tincture

Just what I needed.

I’ve been looking for an herb-infused body oil for a while and as soon as I saw this one I knew I needed it. It is so moisturizing and soothing, and I love how I’m getting my nettle medicine through the skin.

Always the best...

I consistently order from Ritual Botanica because their products are always amazing!! The Florida water not only smells delightful but it helps clear my space, no matter where I go.

My new favorite

So much to say... not enough space. I will start by saying as an BIPOC, I REALLY appreciate the honor provided to this Sacred plant. You guys this hydrosol is THE very truth of Sweetgrass in a bottle. I could not be happier and will likely be the reason this product stays sold out. Just Sayin’ it’s that amazing.

Looks and Smells Amazing!

I am loving this version of a spiritual classic! I use it when I travel (which is a lot) to clear my vehicles, rooms and crystals. I would definitely recommend to anyone looking for a great on-the-go smudge alternative.

Wood Betony // dried herb

I love working with Ritual Botanica! There is so much heart and integrity embedded in every facet or it that everything I receive feels like a gift. I decided to try the Wood Betony after reading about it on the IG account. I am an acupuncturist in Chicago, IL and loosely associated the energetics and actions Ash wrote about as ones that would be helpful for a more common pattern I see of Wood overacting on Earth. When I gave it a try, I didn't have particularly high or low expectations of it, but sure was struck by how decidedly and rapidly effective it was! And too, how gracefully it shifted things internally. I've recommended Ritual Botanica to many a client and friend and will continue to do so. What a gem!

Smells heavenly

Smells better than anything.

Gotu Kola

Always super fresh, beautiful herbs. Super fast shipping.

Love it!

Such a great product! I spray this on my pillow before I sleep for vivid dreams. Will definitely purchase more in the future :)

Best friend through grief and growth

I ordered a bottle of Immaculate Heart when I was going through a difficult time doing the work. It helped me soften and lean into the hard bits to fully understand what I needed to learn and then release. It has become one of my most favorite allies not only for self development, but working through trauma and grief. My mother lost her cat, her best friend, and I ordered this bottle for her the same night because I knew the amount of support and lifting up this medicine provides. Thank you, thank you, a million times thank you for what you do.

Golden Soul

Medical Astrology mini-series in Marshall, NC

Wonderful Imortelle Spray

I love this spray. The smell is lovely and my skin just seemed to glow when I used it. I used it as the first step in my skincare routine. Feels like luxury!

Beautiful Botanicals

You can feel the love that has been put into these elixirs. The milky oats tincture is a life safer, nurturing on every level. Expertly formulated. Very impressed :)

Love this book!

Taurus Anointing Oil // The Sensual Lover

Exquisite skin is exquisite

Amazing product that delivers its namesake
Made with love and natural ingredients