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a scent like no other

cancer rising and cancer sun. this oil is my jam

my nanu loves this cream so much

originally purchased this cream for my nanu two or so years ago when he was recovering from radiation for skin cancer. he probably finished it in only a month and loved it. so nourishing and sweet for his fragile skin. we keep coming back for more of this wonderful cream

Anti-aging magic ✨

This hydrosol has been a godsend! I use it everyday and it has really helped improve my aging skin. I can see the difference in my droopy eyelids and it keeps my face hydrated. I’m currently on my second bottle 🌈🌿✨💕

Cleansing and calming

I can't say enough positive things about this beautiful and unique Florida Water. The scent is subtly spicy and invigorating, yet calming and centering. I love the way it makes me and my space feel. Thank you for your work with plant magic!


I’m addicted to the scent of Sweetgrass. Have been smudging with this sacred plant for years and this oil captures the scent perfectly. Now I can have the aroma on the go😁


Such a unique smell. I am really loving the aroma of the combo that Rue & Angelica have together!! Amazing!

Love it!

Creamy, smells so good!

Witch Hazel Hydrosol

Very excited to find a hydrosol of witch hazel! The only thing that was unexpected was the addition of fir and pine essential oils. I was expecting just plain hydrosol, having sensitive skin some essential oils can be to strong. Thank you

So sorry about that! I kist have sent the wrong item! I’ll be in touch to get you a pure witch hazel! Thanks for the review!

My friend gifted me the Grief tincture while I was taking care of my Mother. When she passed away, I added the Gotu Kola and Holy Basil for emotional support. It has been a comforting morning ritual. Shower, tincture up, sweet orange oils, mom's jewelry, get dressed, boom!


This medicine is absolute magic. I can't properly describe how it has helped me, other than I feel this medicine on a soul level. And while it has absolutely been a balm for grief, it's done much more than that. I can feel it opening, softening, warming my heart, & soul to everything, not just my grief. I feel more compassionate, more kind, less judgemental. Way to go, Ash!

Absolutely my FAVORITE, & the BEST!!

I love this product so much!!!! Weightless on the skin, smells amazing, makes my face feel consistently hydrated, and puts me in a better mood right away. I hope you bring this product back, as it is of such high quality!!!!

One of my favorites!

Smells fantastic, feels very protective, and truly potent!

Riot Remedy

This salve is smooth in texture and absorbent. I've been using it on my sore knee as well on bruises. It's very healing, thank you.

Florida Water

This spiritual spray is ethereal with a lightness that lingers gently. I truly love this spray, the atmosphere it gives.
Thank you


Loved the zodiac anointing oils! Gave them as gifts 🤗

Capricorn Ritual Candle // Higher Calling, Persistence & Stability

Thank you!

Thank you so much for this product. Can't wait to use it!

Love it!

It really made a difference! Thank you!

Magical and Powerful!

Excellent oil for protecting oneself, and property/spaces. This Rue oil can be used to anoint sacred objects, crystals and tools to keep them clear from low frequency energies. Will buy again.

Wow! ❤️

I cannot day enough great things about this sweet woman and company and her amazing products! The a Immaculate Heart tincture cane beautifully wrapped with so much love and a free sample. This tincture has made a very difficult time of my life easier, through feeling and releasing and healing. I highly recommend supporting this small biz!

Sweetgrass Balm
Sweetgrass Balm

A grounding, sweet and subtle balm.


Love this lovely face spray❣️

Quality beauty

The elderberry elixir is just one of several products I ordered. Very impressed by the quality, potency, and presentation of each item. Highly recommend!