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Loved the zodiac anointing oils! Gave them as gifts 🤗

Capricorn Ritual Candle // Higher Calling, Persistence & Stability

Thank you!

Thank you so much for this product. Can't wait to use it!

Love it!

It really made a difference! Thank you!

Magical and Powerful!

Excellent oil for protecting oneself, and property/spaces. This Rue oil can be used to anoint sacred objects, crystals and tools to keep them clear from low frequency energies. Will buy again.

Wow! ❤️

I cannot day enough great things about this sweet woman and company and her amazing products! The a Immaculate Heart tincture cane beautifully wrapped with so much love and a free sample. This tincture has made a very difficult time of my life easier, through feeling and releasing and healing. I highly recommend supporting this small biz!

Sweetgrass Balm
Sweetgrass Balm

A grounding, sweet and subtle balm.


Love this lovely face spray❣️

Quality beauty

The elderberry elixir is just one of several products I ordered. Very impressed by the quality, potency, and presentation of each item. Highly recommend!


Healing and oh so cooling.

One of the most beautiful medicines I have had the pleasure of working with. Pure magic. Thank you!

Brain Gain

I ordered these products as gifts. My mother has been experiencing lapses in memory, repetitive storytelling, and feels she is disintegrating. I purchased this herbal ally to help support her through this aging transition. I used the Immaculate Heart personally with great success. Ash creates such powerful medicine. I know this will help her. Everything arrived nicely packaged and in a timely manner.


Every item was lovely and special. In love with your products❣️

Heart Blend

This product tastes beautiful. A delicate rose flavour that goes directly to the heart. Warm and reassuring.


Beautiful packaging, lovely and fresh herbs.

Spirit of Rose

So powerful!

Love this oil! I put one or two drops on my head before going out to work and I can feel the protective layer around me throughout my day.

Vibrant color

Loved this product! Spray it on before meditating or bathing. Its got such a lovely smell and the color is just magickal💞

i don't know about dreams but the scent is beautiful

i absolutely love this scent, to my surprise. i can't speak about the vivid dreams because i haven't tried it yet for that purpose although that is actually why i bought the essence!

Immaculate heart

I am in awe of this medicine. I just finished my second bottle. I have been using it daily pretty heavily, along with some other botanicals to help me through trying times. I had an experience of immediately bursting into tears after taking a dropper full, a release that I was suppressing. Every days experience is different, like the medicine molds to what my spirit needs. I am very grateful for this product and it has inspired me to explore glycerin!
<3 Adriana

Calendula // dried herb


Spirit of Magnolia

Magically intoxicating and incredibly soothing. This potion is beyond special. You can absolutely feel the amount of love and energy poured into it. Thank you for creating such potent offerings!


This product is great for my Triple Goddess altar.