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Mimosa Blossoms Tincture

Really well produced tincture, very well balanced. It’s got a beautiful cinnamon-like peppery taste that blends so nicely with the cane sugar. First time buying here, and what a great first impression.

Reishi Cinnamon// tincture
Sebastian Orsini
Quality Vitality

Tastes amazing and gives you a sense of ease. Great for the immune system as stated.

Rose Water
Kelly McCarthy
the actual best rose water

i've tried many rose waters and wow, this one almost brings tears of joy to my eyes, it's sooooo potent.

absolutely love this oil

came just before my Leo birthday and I've been using it daily ever since. It brightens and invigorates my day.

Rose & Tulsi
Taylor Buckler
True love

This spray is pure alchemy. I have one for my altar and just ordered another to keep in my car. It’s hard to find verbal placements to describe the magick of Ashe’s medicine. It’s an experience, every time, without fail. A moment of visceral sensation that transports you to another time and place. Truly grateful to be able to purchase medicine from her💜

Me encantaría asistir

Que increíble se ve., Maravilloso trabajo... Soy de chile se me hace imposible asistir. Habrán talleres vía web?


Mystery Medicine Tote
Rachel Tournay

Mystery Medicine Tote

Mystery Medicine Tote
Rachal westley
The bag

Love this bag ✨✨

A beautiful project

The bag was perfect. Every item in the bag was beautiful, I love the design. I’m so happy with everything that came in it too. Excited for the next one!

Leo in Love

I love these so much! The scent is so robust and divine. I use them both daily. Thank you!

Amazing, magickal experience

I am so glad I made the trip to attend this workshop! Ash was very knowledgeable & created such a serene & relaxed atmosphere that made the experience absolutely beautiful. From the setting to the information shared I was thoroughly impressed, it was well worth the time & money spent & I am looking forward to attending Ash's other workshops.

How i got my husband back home

Me and my husband was going through a divorce after 7 years of marriage I see that coming for a while we just was not the same with each other I contacted Dr Tunde he cast of a powerful marriage blessing that reunited me back together with my husband and also made our marriage stronger than ever it’s like we’re newlyweds all over again my ex Husband is really back to me on his knees begging me to take him back thank you so much from the bottom of my heart love you Dr Tunde you can also contact Dr Tunde on his facebook page

Marigold // hydrosol
Summer Logan
Surprise fave!

This hydrosol surprised me in the most pleasant way! The earthy, sharp, crisp smell of marigold flowers translates so well in this product. I guess there's no translating to be done since its just pure distilled marigolds :) but there's an almost...slightly musky warmth that has never been apparent to me when smelling the actual flowers in the ground. Also worth noting that the scent lingers a little while longer than other hydrosols, which I found lovely when spritzed on my skin.
I initially tried this one bc in the description it says marigold is good for keeping away pests. I recalled reading somewhere that marigold in the garden is a natural insect deterrent, however I immediately thought this offering would be good for keeping human pests away too! Haha seems to be working 💪

Rose & Tulsi
Alinahh Ever

Love this spray so much. It's my favorite ever and it uplifts me no matter what. Thank you!

Rose Water
Summer Logan

This Rosewater is wonderful 💘
Arrived quickly. Smells and feels amazing. Perfect for skincare or simply softening the scene.

Sweetly transporting

Beautiful spray with a delicate sweetness, that is calming and uplifts the heart.


I think of Rose as sort of like the Grandmother of flowers..maybe bc my Grandmother loved and grew them 🥀
The Rose is beautifully showcased here with 3 layers of tasty, heart nourishing loveliness.
I've been thinking this potion would be great added to some sparkling wine or warm cocoa for extra awesome-ness.
I would absolutely 💯 recommend anything from Ritual Botanica.

Great herbs!

I sprayed some on my pillow and felt very relaxed. I hope to use it for lucid dreaming soon~ Lovely smell!

Summer Logan
Y'all it WORKS!

Wow I wish I had found this sooner. I have been regularly taking this as per the directions for 2 weeks and seriously, my general mood has lifted. I have found that I am no longer am in default grump mode and I have more patience with those around me. Plus, like all of Ritual Botanica's creations, it is yummy!


I am a fan of this company. I have had success with every product I have tried from Ritual Botanica. I have made the Mugwort Hydrosol a part of my bedtime practice. My dreams are always wacky and intense haha but I enjoy spritzing this around me before I settle in for the night. And yes, good dreams abound afterwards 😴

Dream Walker
Sebastian Orsini
Top notch potions

Worthy of spiritual royalty. Amazing from the unboxing to the magical effects.

Linden Flower Love

The instant way the Linden Flowers open the heart and emotions through this medicine was almost startling. I've worked with them on their own, but this medicine is something else with how the other ingredients support each other and help deliver the Linden so directly. I haven't tried this batch yet, but just bought a bottle of it for my friend who is moving through some difficult times. I am grateful for & wish blessings upon your work.

Dream Walker
Kathleen Prengaman

I’ve definitely been more aware of my dreams since taking this tincture! It’s really helping me through my exploration of my own consciousness

Love it

Beautiful packaging and I am enjoying the blend very much. Thank you!


im not a huge fan of writing reviews but i absolutely love ash and her plant magick! this tincture has already helped me so much with my sleep. I feel like i can sleep a bit deeper without waking up so much throughout the evening like i normally do. The taste is also delicious, you can really feel the quality. Thank you for your beautiful offerings