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Wonderful gift

I received these beeswax tapers as a gift this holiday season (2022/23) and I love them. They come beautifully packaged with care and dried flowers, including lavender which makes them smell lovely. The beeswax tapers are double ended featuring a wick on each end. I understand there's some "return to sender" magic that can be done with these..however I carefully cut the first candle in the middle and had 2 candles from one. I put them in gorgeous vintage silver candle holders and lit them the night of Feb 1 to correspond with an ancient fire ceremony traditionally practiced at that time. This seemed an appropriate use for these precious goods. And I still have one more double ended candle for future use 💜 oh and they burn bright and beautifully

Sleepy Hollow
Love it

I love all the products here. I’ve had so much trouble falling asleep when I travel. Thanks to Sleepy Hallow I’ve finally started sleeping.

Exquisite Skin

This is my first time ordering and I love everything!

Love this product

A well balanced blend that warms and nourishes the heart. Great for recovery after trying times.


Ritual Botanica is definitely magickal and grand energy. All of the products I have tried have been the best and I will keep shopping from here. I love the energy and when I use the products in my practice I feel the difference and the healing from the plant and distilling magicks. I am grateful to of found Ritual Botanica and I recommend to friends and family or give products as gifts. Everything is so wonderful, even the packaging I love.
Thank you, with all the divine guidance and blessings! 💖✨🥰💚

Milky Oats & Honey
Melissa Ottem
Milky oats

I love this product!

Reishi cinnamon tincture

Good stuff!

Exquisite Skin
Exquisite Indeed!

This is my ride or die favorite small biz product HANDS DOWN. I struggle with hormonal acne each month and after trying just about everything in the mainstream market, I decided to pair down to a simple routine without the chemicals. Exquisite Skin is now one of three things I will put on my face and it is my favorite! I even take it with me when I’m camping. It smells SO GOOD. I will always snag my next bottle when these come back in stock. Thank you, Ash.

Passionflower tincture

I suffer from general anxiety disorder. The passionflower tincture that I ordered from Ritual Botanica has had an incredible impact on my ability to reduce anxious forecasting. I work as a crisis counselor and the recent 988 rollout has intensified the stress levels associated with my job, which has caused me to dread going to work. This tincture has allowed me to stay present and work thoughtfully through feelings of intense anxiety. It has been so effective for me, that I ordered a second bottle.

My favorite so far. Balanced very beautifully. Tastes great alone and blends well.

Sooo Good!

Everything about this product is/was good from start to finish. The price, the packaging, the shipping time, the product! I will purchase again and again from this company.

Milky Oats & Honey

Loving it!

Yummy and spicy!

Ideal Nourishment

I'd been feeling depleted. Stress means though I eat well, I don't eat enough. I can feel my cells absorbing the care and nourishment needed from each delicious drop of tincture. This blend comforts mind, body and spirit. Thanks, Ash!

Milky Oats & Honey
Kelby Evers

Milky Oats & Honey

Great scent and easy to carry

Love this scent! I carry it in my purse daily

Rose & Tulsi
Vanessa Tucker

Smells great!

Always potent

I come back for hydrosols every time I get to the end of a bottle, and am never disappointed. The smells are always vibrant but never overpowering, and the mist itself leaves you feeling coated and ready!

Rose & Tulsi
amy hardy
Rose & Tulsi

I'm in love with this.....

The Best milky oats tincture!

Can't get enough

The Rose and Tulsi is never out of arms reach, it's amazing. And the Liminal Space is delicate yet powerful! Perfect out of body companion.

consult 2 hr
Nina O'Malley
Would highly recommend Ash's consultations

I can't recommend Ash enough. I had done my research on hydrodistillation but needed guidance around setting up my still for the first time. Ash walked me through it patiently and thoroughly, providing things to look out for that were learned through experience. Whether you are just staring out or are an experienced distiller with a particular question, Ash is an invaluable resource.

Passionflower // tincture
Marissa Schneider
soft, soothing, timely

I love this so much— it's potent medicine and a real heart balm. I've never had tinctures as good as Ash's that get to work on the body so quick. You can really tell and ***deeply feel*** the care and love that goes into this work, and you'll be able to feel it even more once you get your hands on this tincture and chill your system out 😉 Thank you, Ash, so very much for creating and sharing such beautiful medicine!

Rose Water
Adrian Celeste
Refreshing af

I went to Florida to visit my family and this saved my life! Put it in the fridge and mist when overheated… instant, heavenly bliss!!! (Rose is so great for skin too)!

Very good quality.