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Heavenly & refreshing

Rosemary & Lemongrass accompanied me on a long road trip. It made the journey so lovely.


This blend smells wonderful. There's clearly a special synergy between Rose and Tulsi that to me, makes it smell neither like Rose or Tulsi on their own. It's its own thing. Spicy, sweet and fresh.

Best tote ever!

I love everything about my Ritual Botanica tote. It's the best quality heavy fabric, well-made and the logo/artwork is so beautiful and magical. I have many cloth totes but this one is the new favorite. Blessed Be!

Like candy!

Wow this is my fave from the latest hydrosol drop! The lemon is absolutely luscious and vibrant. Rosemary is a gentle yet sharp earthy background. The perfect combo!
I'm new to the planetary and mystical associations but I can with out a doubt say that when misted around, this spray lifts my mood and grounds me at the same time.
Thanks again Ritual Botanica! You've got a loyal fan in me.


I am in love with the Liminal Space botanical spray. It smells beautiful and adds to my daily ritual. It is a sweetly sacred gift to have. Fast shipping and such lovely packaging and extras, felt like a lot of care went in to the packaging.

Nerve Restore
Kathryn Molina
Above what I expected

I am an herbalist and was having trouble getting milky oats for my daughter. I took the chance here and bought 2 tinctures. We are already seeing results!! We will be reordering ❤️


I have received this twice as a gift. I live near Chicago, and I think it helps me through the winter!!! A little dropper full of joy!! Sad it’s sold out right now. But I’ll keep checking!!

Milky Oats & Mimosa
Melissa Cooley LLC
Calm Abiding

Love the Milky Oats for my nervous system, and the mimosa for my mood elevation. Great Tincture.

Aquarius Anointing Oil

The smell is divine, it is like a ritual to wear everyday. The perfect high and low notes to delight the senses.

Needed this!!

I needed this tonic to get thru the stressful holiday season. Has been a wonderful addition to my self-care regime. Thank you.

Mystery Medicine Tote
Melissa Fryar
Pure magic!

The surprise tote was a wonderful surprise! From the moment I opened the package, it was enchantment. I love the products and the care and intention put in to all of the details. Thank you!

we love it

I got one to give as a gift and one to keep for myself and we all love it. My six year old loves the scent of this one! And the visible azulene is incredible.

Sweetgrass Spray
Courtney Rudolph

Sweetgrass Spray

Perfect Fit

The Florida Water is just divine, and in this solstice-new moon quarter I'm so looking forward to the first hydrosol I work with being that of the first herb I intentionally worked with medicinally. Thank you so much.

Magic in a bag

I am in love with my tote and the mysteries inside. It was a perfect package and so glad to have ordered it.

Dream Walker
Sarah Augusto
This stuff is amazing!

I often have very intense and vivid dreams, but I have trouble remembering and deciphering them. I recently saw a shamanic healer who told me I do a lot of important work in my dreams. I’ve taken Dream Walker a few times before bed and not only am I better able to remember them upon waking - I honestly feel like I’ve been receiving messages! I almost never remember words or dialogue, but each time I’ve taken dream Walker I wake up with a particular phrase or sentence in my head as if my subconscious is speaking to me.

Sweetgrass Spray
Justin Plunkett
super special

I buy this Sweetgrass spray yearly and love it so so much. The scent has a way of staying on the skin for a long time, so I like to spray it in my beard and get wiffs of the scent throughout the day. Feels so Lunar and Venusian at the same time. The smell is divine and it feels really special to know that so much care went into stewarding a relationship with this sacred plant - thanks Ash!


Really potent and lovely hydrosol. Smells strongly of yarrow and has a blue tinge from the essential oil.

The bottle also mists very nicely.


I love having a selection of bitters and this one is great! bitter with lovely subtle other tastes.

Surpring, in a great way!

I didn't really know what to expect Spirit of Magnolia to be like, but it really does have a subtle Magnolia flavor and I immediately felt a feeling of joy and calm wash over me from 3 drops!

Thank you ❤️


I love the Florida Water and is a must have. Smells lovely and in practice, it’s spectacular.
Shipped fast and packaged wonderfully.
My favorite shop!
Thank you again


Got u Kola

Love it, it’s got some heat to it. Takes some conditioning to get used to the taste. But overall I feel like it’s helped me cognitively. Seems to have a positive effect on my studies.

Exquisite Skin
Mary Pat Lynch

This is my first time trying Exquisite Skin and I love it. It feels wonderful when I spritz it on. I have delicate skin and while I definitely need moisturizing, creams can be too much. With Exquisite Skin, I use less moisturizer while nourishing my skin. Recommended :)

Marigold // hydrosol
Esther Meima
Awesome Products

Great customer service and the products are super wonderful. 🙂

Florida Water
Juliet Denner
This is everything

I love the smell and use it on my altar daily.