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Sweetgrass Spray

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Sweetgrass is considered a special plant in many native traditions, used in ceremonies as a fumitory offering. The scent is sweet and pleasing, like fresh cut grass and vanilla cookies. It's said to draw in positive energies; to help guide intentions into fulfillment. The three strands in a traditional sweet grass braid are said to represent love, kindness, and honestly. 

Since sweetgrass is a sacred plant of many indigenous North American people I have taken great care in navigating the cultural appropriation of this plant.

It first came into my life as a little tuft, divided out from a larger patch, in a time of transition when I needed sweetness most. Where I felt called to plant it's roots the little grass bundle flourished. It wasn't an area you would typically find sweetgrass, but the little microclimate of that spot and the love needed by the disturbed soil ended up just right.  

Through working with sweetgrass I found my harvest song again and remained patient and kind while navigating a new life. Eventually I learned that if not harvested the grass crowds itself out; it's a plant that thrives off tending from other creatures. It was a hard at first being as I don't typically harvest the plants I'm tending for proliferation of their kind. I had to trust this was actually best for the plant. The harvested grass I received in return was so dear. Through tending the sweetgrass it taught me lessons in reciprocity that carried over into other parts of my life.

I began working with the harvested plant, gifting bits to friends, gorilla gardening little patches, finding ways to carry its spirit & essence with me. Eventually I felt the need to discuss my use with indigenous folk, who's responses all centered around the need to protect and promote the species which has greatly declined in population, much from development of land by humans. 

As I feel hesitant about selling sweetgrass, even more so than I feel about every other herb in this shop, the reciprocity this plant has taught let me know this is ok as long as the money gained is going back into the plant sanctuary and the education around this plant and many other natives plants that are being wiped out due to capitalism and to support the work of Native American people.

We all must learn how to strengthen our connection within nature, to consider the plants as living being, to live in reciprocity. 

Read more about nature & reciprocity in the book Braiding Sweetgrass by Robin Wall Kimmerer. I found this book after beginning my work with sweetgrass and it truly put words to my feelings.

1oz glass dropper bottle

How to use:

Use this spray as an offering before intention setting, energetic medicine to promote raw kindness to yourself and others as well as from others, attract positive people and experiences into your life, call in the good spirits or for the satisfaction of its sweet smell on the body. I use it remain soft & kind in a world that can turn one bitter with the current state of things.


Steam distilled hydrosol of organic Sweetgrass (Hierochloe odorata)


Customer Reviews

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Courtney Rudolph

Sweetgrass Spray

Justin Plunkett
super special

I buy this Sweetgrass spray yearly and love it so so much. The scent has a way of staying on the skin for a long time, so I like to spray it in my beard and get wiffs of the scent throughout the day. Feels so Lunar and Venusian at the same time. The smell is divine and it feels really special to know that so much care went into stewarding a relationship with this sacred plant - thanks Ash!

Sweetly transporting

Beautiful spray with a delicate sweetness, that is calming and uplifts the heart.

Shauna Caldwell

Sweetgrass Spray

Brandi Mazesticeon
My new favorite

So much to say... not enough space. I will start by saying as an BIPOC, I REALLY appreciate the honor provided to this Sacred plant. You guys this hydrosol is THE very truth of Sweetgrass in a bottle. I could not be happier and will likely be the reason this product stays sold out. Just Sayin’ it’s that amazing.

jeniffer zimmerman
Smells heavenly

Smells better than anything.