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The Alchemist Gold // botanical distillation workshop


Join in for a packed & potent 2-day distillation workshop at a beautiful medicinal herb farm in the Blue Ridge Mountains.  

Gather your curiosity & bring your prima materia!

 This weekend is for folks interested in how to work a traditional copper alembic to distill plant medicine, both essential oils and hydrosols, and to discover how this process also works within us to distill the self. 

You'll walk away with a hands-on, embodied understanding of plant distillation and distillate medicine, and also be introduced to the esoteric knowledge of this alchemical process. We’ll touch on the 7 stages of alchemy, their planetary associations, and how these archetypes and energies are reflected in our lives. 

The prima materia is what we bring to be transformed. It’s the patterns and stagnancies we are holding and ready to transmute into knowledge that will guide our evolution deeper into our authentic self. We will be taking our lead and discovering how it may become gold, and how the physical process of distillation that will be our weekend background will create a medicine to take home and continue working with on this journey. 

If you are like what is prima materia, great! This weekend will help you understand that concept! It's said simply understanding what prima materia refers to is half the problem solved. This is a weekend of curious, open minds and questioning. 

Kestrel is my most favorite place to teach. Having access to this incredibly beautiful land that's been carefully, organically & regeneratively tended means we get to meet the plant, take part in careful harvesting practices and see it through the process of distillation. On the second day we will discuss how distillate medicine is supportive and take some time to explore what we've created. 

Just as the distillation process requires a strong vessel and the circulation of air and water through our physical, earthly matter, we will start each morning with a short movement practice to strengthen our own vessel and get our energetic channels moving and prepared for the day's work. This optional but recommended flow will be held by trusted tantric yogi Brooke Sullivan of The Wild Temple. I wouldn’t be adding this to the weekend if I didn’t think it was so powerful!

Included are 3 simple vegetarian meals: lunch & dinner on saturday and breakfast on Sunday. Along the lines of A big lunch salad, lentil stew, oat meal, fruit and eggs. 

If you are looking for a more focused 101 class on how to distill please check out this class the week before, which is also a great option to help set you up for this weekend as well.  click here

Since this is the first time I am offering a class of this kind I am keeping it small and intimate in hopes we can create a safe space, held by the land and the work, to really dive deep.



July 8-9

Saturday 10:30-7:30 (hour break for lunch, yoga from 9:15-10

Sunday 10:30-2 (yoga 9:15-10) 2-3:30 is pack up and any purchases from Kestrel Farm 

Campers can arrive in the afternoon of July 7th 


Kestrel Herb Farm in Sandy Mush, NC (about 35 minutes from Asheville, NC)

More details will be emailed with welcome packet.

Camping is availably Friday & Saturday night for $20. Available are two bathrooms, a shower, a hot plate, kettle, plenty of fresh clean water, a pond, pups to pet, flowers to sniff and all of kestrels herbal products and you-pick-herbs for anyone interested to take home more medicine. 

About the instructor: 

Ash Sierra is driven by a desire to bridge gaps between the human and plant worlds. She is the heart and soul behind Ritual Botanica, a small-batch Appalachian apothecary specializing in botanical distillation & herbal medicine. Her background as a clinical herbalist, farmer, distiller, and astrologer are wrapped up in a practice focused on mental wellness and empowerment through an eclectic range of modalities including medical astrology, hermeticism, eco-psyschology and vitalism. She’s dedicated years of her herbal journey to the craft of distillation and loves sharing it with other like-minded plant allies, the type who enjoys a bit of magic and a bit of science. You can find her tending land in the Blue Ridge Mountains of NC. For medicine and magic visit: www.ritualbotanica.com

Refund policies is as follows

100% if canceled within 48 hours of payment 

70% if canceled one week before class

50% if canceled 48 hrs before class

0% if cancelled within 24 hrs of class

Hydrosols are versatile and safe medicine. Spray a few spritz on your face and body for toning and refreshing. Try it in your hair or on a pillow. It makes a great spray for your environment, rather it be a workplace or home space. Hydrosols can cleanse and change the energy in the area without the smoke of incense. Many of the products are safe to consume; try spritzing a cup of water or a fun cocktail. Anyway you use them hydrosols will bestow the spirit of the plant into the surroundings, helping you connect with it's essence and energy. 

Each bottle comes with suggested use.

The shelf life will be on your bottle - "1-2 years from [date bottled]" the gap in time here is pretty big, but that's because it depends on how it's taken care of. 

Care Tips: keep in a cool place, away from direct sunlight. Do not leave in your car or the freezer, however the fridge will greatly increase the shelf life while providing an extra refreshing spray! Avoid opening the cap often to keep oxygen and contaminates out. Keep somewhere you'll remember to use it!

We suggest using the medicine in 6 months-1yr. Why? We don't use chemical preservatives and plant medicine can degrade over time. Skin care should be treated like food, used fresh and whole. So use it up, #treatyoself!

Orders within the US are shipped priority or first class USPS mail. International orders vary in shipping method, typically first class USPS mail. Order's ship via your chosen method upon processing, which can take 1-3 days. If you have special request like extra insurance or signature confirmation please e-mail info@ritualbotanica.com.

Tracking is sent with each order, please make sure to collect your package immediately so products do not freeze or bake in the heat. 

We ship 1-2 times a week. Please be patient with us, some items are custom bottled as ordered. sometimes it make take up to two weeks before shipment.


Please be aware of any allergies or sensitivities you may have before using the products. All ingredients are transparent and chemical free for this reason. 

If you are pregnant or breastfeeding be extra careful about using herbal medicine products. It is a good idea to contact your physician about using essential oils or herbs being that every doctor has their own recommendations and warning regarding the use of herbal medicine during pregnancy, breastfeeding and for infants and children. 

The information provided on this website and the products sold by Ritual Botanica are not intended to treat, cure, prevent, or diagnose any disease or medical condition, and does not substitute for medical advice of a physician. Statements on this site are not FDA evaluated. 


RB wants you to completely cherish your products!  If you are unhappy with your product please send info@ritualbotanica.com an e-mail within 48 hrs of arrival with detailed explanation of issue. We try to give as many details about the items as possibly; if you have any questions please ask before you purchase. A credit or refund can be arranged with return of the item, in which case the purchaser will be responsible for shipping cost. 


Class Refund Policy

In person classes are fully refundable 14 days prior to the class, 75% 14-7 days prior to class, 50% within the week of class. Refunds are not granted for cancelations within 2 days of class as it's hard to fill those seats and I already limit class space to keep the groups more intimate. There are some exceptions for dire circumstances and illness. 

Online classes are fully refundable if canceled before the start of class. 

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