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Divined Mystery Box

Sale price$36.00

If you’ve ever wanted to try Ritual Botanica products this is a great little sampler! A box with products chosen with your order as a guiding tool. you’ll receive $55+ worth of goods , and every package is wrapped so it feels like opening a special treat. You may receive tinctures, hydrosols, oils, creams, anything from the sit and even some unlisted special products! An example might be- 2 - 1 oz tinctures, 2 oz hydrosol, 1/2 oz alchemical essence, rope incense, and some flare! 

If you’d like a larger mystery simply order two! They will get shipped together with no repeat items 

All our herb products are made in house with most of the plants grown by Ritual Botanica (coughASHcough) or a small farm. the plants are really better quality, both in freshness and potency, than big box herbs. all oils are organic (mainly) or pesticide free, all alcohol or organic cane. We care and would not sell anything we wouldn’t use ourselves. herbs work and we need to be working for the environment so we do the best we can to keep that in mind always! 

Did you know all the products are formulated by a clinical herbalist who also has also studied mainly years in plant chemistry basics (because this is truly a lifetimes of study) so that the medicine can be extracted the best?! 

Try a box, usually what you end up with is medicine being called in




Divined Mystery Box Sale price$36.00

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Anna Toth

So many treats arrived in my mystery box. I knew there was no chance I’d be dissatisfied, but I wasn’t sure I’d be this pleasantly surprised. Some of what i received were items with which I was already familiar and others are items I’m excited to try! These products do not disappoint.

Katie Bradley
Divine Mystery Box

I am aligned with the items I received stemming from hydrosol, to tincture, anointing oil. The products are so loving and intentionally made. I had been a long time Instagram follower and am so happy to have finally supported Ritual Botanica in a reciprocal way! xx

Shannon Snyder

Loved it! Always my favorite herbalist :)

Carleigh Blesing

This arrived so speedy and truly contained everything I desired! How did she know!?! The packaging alone was so lovely and carefully considered, both in fashion and function!