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Immaculate Heart // grief blend


The Immaculate Heart holds deep meaning, more than what catholic symbology has draped it in.

We all have experiences sorrows, big and small. Life is made of experiences, experiences both light and dark, for we cannot have one without the other. We cannot appreciate happiness and safety without having witnessed it’s opposite. This life is built on duality, however, this duality doesn’t have to craft the map of how we experience life. We can see the dark areas as opportunities for growth, as keys that unlock new parts to an understanding of the self.

Keeping trauma suppressed doesn’t offer the deep healing that comes with acknowledgment and processing does. Of course, there seems to be some internal force that allows healing when we are ready; suppressing is sometimes the best, safest, strategy until that time is presented. This blend creates a safe space to allow processing, to feel emotions and memories blocked out, and move them through for healing. The synergy of this blend offers energy for holding the hard parts while acknowledging them, exploring them, and releasing what needs to be so we can find peace, so we can reconnect with parts of that have been cut off, move forward with self-love: grounded, protected, with strength for being alive and to kick patriarchy to the curb.

The symbology of the Immaculate Heart is potent: the Fire represents the awareness we bring to our traumas and willingness to transform and transcend their impact on our lives. The blood is our letting go of that hurt on our life force. The flowers are the beauty, curiosities, softness and new growth we may always hold within us and bring to fruition once we’ve decided to recognize move past all that is holding us in stagnant places or in patterns that no longer serve us. The halo shows the new light we’ve welcomed into our souls, the warmth and understanding, the divine we’ve now allowed in the places that were once areas of darkness.

This blend is a balance of the elements with a resonance that sits with Heart-Soul energy. Linden allows us to feel and hold our sorrow, acknowledge our trauma, bring balance to this area so we may be more intimate without fear of these painful parts. Rose brings in protected energy and softness, a gentleness to ourselves, opening a space we can flourish, find self-love and reconnect to passions. Hawthorn flowers, berries, and thorns further the protective powers necessary to working with the darker parts while also physically and energetically strengthening the heart. Archangelica provides deep grounding and protection while connecting us to the highest self. Wild Yam Root connects to our vital essence, nourishing the yin and grounding our beings while bringing in a steadiness, rooting into our foundation. The Cleavers help us move our waters, our emotions, so they unbind from stagnation, especially in the sacral regions where emotions go to be repressed. Ginger & Cayenne settles the gut, the center of our intuition and feels, and guides the blood, bringing fresh life into parts of ourselves that have been cut off and deprived of attention until the time was right. To round it out I've added Mimosa as a heart uplift offered on the journey, helping ease through the hard parts. 

While the formula is potent, it is also gentle and may be used in your personal sanctuaries safely. However it’s even more powerful if used while working with a practitioner or counselor. Check-in with yourself before use. Are you ready to acknowledge and release? Are you in a place of life this could be beneficial and you’ll feel supported? Let this blend be an ally, start slow, and make space for this work.

Tastes like sweet vinegar, rosy honey with a little spice. Cloudiness from unfiltered vinegar is normal.

2oz  glass dropper bottle

How to use: 

Take 60-90 drops/ 2-3 squirts in mouth or a small amount of water 2-3x daily


Wild & cultivated Rose flowers (Rosa spp.) blend hydrosol, Linden leaves and flowers (Tilia americana) hydrosol, Hawthorn berries, leaves, flowers, thorns( Crataegus spp.) apple cider vinegar extract, Wild Yam (Dioscorea villosa) glycerine extract, Cleavers (Galium aparine) glycerine extract, Angelica archangelic glycerine extract & Ginger (Zingiber officinale) organic alcohol extract, Cayenne organic alcohol extract, Mimosa (Albizia julibrissin) Glycerine. 

**contains a very trace amount of organic cane alcohol**

100% botanical ingredients, no preservatives 



Wild & cultivated Rose flowers (Rosa spp.) blend hydrosol, Linden leaves and flowers (Tilia americana) hydrosol, Hawthorn berries, leaves, flowers, thorns( Crataegus spp.) apple cider vinegar extract, Wild Yam (Dioscorea villosa) glycerine extract, Cleavers (Galium aparine) glycerine extract, Angelica archangelic glycerine extract & Ginger (Zingiber officinale) organic alcohol extract, Cayenne organic alcohol extract, Mimosa (Albizia julibrissin) Glycerine. 

**contains a very trace amount of organic cane alcohol**


Hydrosols are versatile and safe medicine. Spray a few spritz on your face and body for toning and refreshing. Try it in your hair or on a pillow. It makes a great spray for your environment, rather it be a workplace or home space. Hydrosols can cleanse and change the energy in the area without the smoke of incense. Many of the products are safe to consume; try spritzing a cup of water or a fun cocktail. Anyway you use them hydrosols will bestow the spirit of the plant into the surroundings, helping you connect with it's essence and energy. 

Each bottle comes with suggested use.

The shelf life will be on your bottle - "1-2 years from [date bottled]" the gap in time here is pretty big, but that's because it depends on how it's taken care of. 

Care Tips: keep in a cool place, away from direct sunlight. Do not leave in your car or the freezer, however the fridge will greatly increase the shelf life while providing an extra refreshing spray! Avoid opening the cap often to keep oxygen and contaminates out. Keep somewhere you'll remember to use it!

We suggest using the medicine in 6 months-1yr. Why? We don't use chemical preservatives and plant medicine can degrade over time. Skin care should be treated like food, used fresh and whole. So use it up, #treatyoself!

Orders within the US are shipped priority or first class USPS mail. International orders vary in shipping method, typically first class USPS mail. Order's ship via your chosen method upon processing, which can take 1-3 days. If you have special request like extra insurance or signature confirmation please e-mail info@ritualbotanica.com.

Tracking is sent with each order, please make sure to collect your package immediately so products do not freeze or bake in the heat. 

We ship 1-2 times a week. Please be patient with us, some items are custom bottled as ordered. sometimes it make take up to two weeks before shipment.


Please be aware of any allergies or sensitivities you may have before using the products. All ingredients are transparent and chemical free for this reason. 

If you are pregnant or breastfeeding be extra careful about using herbal medicine products. It is a good idea to contact your physician about using essential oils or herbs being that every doctor has their own recommendations and warning regarding the use of herbal medicine during pregnancy, breastfeeding and for infants and children. 

The information provided on this website and the products sold by Ritual Botanica are not intended to treat, cure, prevent, or diagnose any disease or medical condition, and does not substitute for medical advice of a physician. Statements on this site are not FDA evaluated. 


RB wants you to completely cherish your products!  If you are unhappy with your product please send info@ritualbotanica.com an e-mail within 48 hrs of arrival with detailed explanation of issue. We try to give as many details about the items as possibly; if you have any questions please ask before you purchase. A credit or refund can be arranged with return of the item, in which case the purchaser will be responsible for shipping cost. 


Class Refund Policy

In person classes are fully refundable 14 days prior to the class, 75% 14-7 days prior to class, 50% within the week of class. Refunds are not granted for cancelations within 2 days of class as it's hard to fill those seats and I already limit class space to keep the groups more intimate. There are some exceptions for dire circumstances and illness. 

Online classes are fully refundable if canceled before the start of class. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews

Love this product. Very healing.


This is my second bottle of Immaculate Heart. It’s a great tool for sitting with/moving through what’s heavy to hold. Ash truly has a gift. It’s also super tasty —I highly recommend. <3

Lori York
Love this product

A well balanced blend that warms and nourishes the heart. Great for recovery after trying times.

Linden Flower Love

The instant way the Linden Flowers open the heart and emotions through this medicine was almost startling. I've worked with them on their own, but this medicine is something else with how the other ingredients support each other and help deliver the Linden so directly. I haven't tried this batch yet, but just bought a bottle of it for my friend who is moving through some difficult times. I am grateful for & wish blessings upon your work.

Taylor Buckler

I honestly cannot verbally describe the healing and relief this medicine has provided for my heart chakra. Alchemy for the heart is exactly what this blend is. I am hoping she continually makes this because I see myself needing more soon!!

So far so good!

I’m taking two dropperfulls once-twice a day. You can really taste the spice of the ginger and cayenne, which takes some getting used to. In order to “take with intention” I hold the dropperfull on my tongue for a couple seconds, savoring the taste and letting the magic soak in for a moment before swallowing and letting it get to work internally. I can feel my long suppressed griefs bubbling below the surface, slowly rising and rising. “Not yet,” I say to it. “I’m not ready yet. It’s not time yet.” And it rises and rises. Soon, I know, it will pour forth. I ready myself, prepare for the grounding I’ll need to anchor me through this. I put the finishing touches on Chapters that I will close once and for all, as a new one waits around the corner. And it rises and rises.

shanti z
Anything by Ash is 5 stars

A special person that crafts beautiful and supportive formulas and single herbs.

Beautiful and Delicious ❤

I have just begun with this medicine and am going slow, as the maker suggests. Approximately 5 drops under the tongue in the morning. As I take it, I summon my heart forward intentions for the day. I love it. What surprised me the first time I took it was how utterly tasty it is! This isn't bitter tincture medicine (which I like too 😏). It's delicately floral and lightly sweet with a hint of spice. Soft and strong.
Highly recommend anything from this shop.

G. Thomas

This medicine is absolute magic. I can't properly describe how it has helped me, other than I feel this medicine on a soul level. And while it has absolutely been a balm for grief, it's done much more than that. I can feel it opening, softening, warming my heart, & soul to everything, not just my grief. I feel more compassionate, more kind, less judgemental. Way to go, Ash!

Wow! ❤️

I cannot day enough great things about this sweet woman and company and her amazing products! The a Immaculate Heart tincture cane beautifully wrapped with so much love and a free sample. This tincture has made a very difficult time of my life easier, through feeling and releasing and healing. I highly recommend supporting this small biz!

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