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Retrogradus / Organic distillate spray

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Distilled while the Sun, Mercury & Saturn were in a rare conjunction in the sign of Pisces, 2024  

Rhis blend contains Lavender, Wormwood, Sweet gum and Copal resin distilled through organic cane alc and Spring water.

The blends holds an intention of action towards your dreams, removing or completely the things that stand in the way and moving in a clear direction towards your soul work. Great during retrogrades to cleanse the slow energy so that even though it may be slow, it is so because it is careful and attentive rather than disrupted  

2oz  glass bottle with fine mist cap. 

How to use:

Mist on your skin, altar, magical tools, linens, or into the air


Contains hydrosol of Tulsi/Holy Basil (Ocimum spp.) and Rose (Rose spp.)

Our rose water varies by the season and is sometimes sourced from Wildroots Botanicals in Washington who also have a lovely herbal school ran by Leslie Lekos.

100% botanical ingredients, no preservatives 

Retrogradus / Organic distillate spray
Retrogradus / Organic distillate spray Sale price$16.00

Customer Reviews

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daniele albert

Love the etheric vibe and not overly powerful alcohol vibe..
I took some yesterday as a friend was here and I would like to have friends over, I am calling that in.. yet when they're here.. I'm either still in process reforming the home.. so spiritually I start spinning a bit as I'm overly accustomed to being alone.. I took some and noticed how it helped me integrate the visit.. (which I did want.. yet not always certain how to integrate) .. and I think it did help a great deal.. I love all the magic you make, and would like to keep a closer tab on the offerings and workshops and even a reading.. I'm always down for atrade at Hill Street Montford Studio.. for reading or something,, a partial on an event.. I'm just bereft when it comes to actual income (i'd say these days.. yet it's been my whole life).. yet simultaneously feeling a lot of source direct energy and intention, so who am I to critique it.. I'll be doing hydrafacials with a small machine I purchased.. and would love to pinpoint your store front if it still exists.. and continue to be in touch and learn and share and grow. I love you Ash.. Daniele.