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Rue // anointing oil

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Rue oil is a staple botanica oil, however, these days they are crafted with synthetic chemicals that turn the oil fluorescent green. Our Rue oil is made from the true plant, and as such it is incredibly powerful and only to be used in small amounts. Excessive amounts can be poisonous. 

How to use:

Rue has been used for centuries to harness its potent protective abilities. It's said to ward off the "evil eye", reverse unwanted energy (spells), and increase one's own magical abilities. It also has a history of use within physical medicine for issues such as joint pain, soft tissue injury and nervous conditions. I advise against using Rue internally or even much more than a drop or two externally. I find Rue most useful as an anointing oil for the crown of the head, candles, oil lamps, doorways and other ritual objects. I also clean my altar with it occasionally. 

Safety Data:  Not for internal use.   Rue Essential Oil is considered toxic, an abortifacient, an irritant to the mucous membranes, a neurotoxin, and causes sun sensitivity due to photo-toxicity.


Freshly dried Rue (Ruta graveolens), organic sunflower seed oil 

2 oz dropper bottle:
Rue  // anointing oil
Rue // anointing oil Sale price$10.00

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
The Rue oil is a staple

Cannot say enough good things about this oil. I work in an environment with many, many different types of less than ideal energies, and the rue oil keeps me protected.

Beth Stamper
Rue and Angelica anointing oil

Ritual Botanica’s Rue and Angelica anointing oil herb combination is divine. Angelica is one of my favorite scents. I appreciate Ash putting the power of these two in one bottle.

Kristin Leggett

Such a unique smell. I am really loving the aroma of the combo that Rue & Angelica have together!! Amazing!

Stacey Bradley
Thank you!

Thank you so much for this product. Can't wait to use it!

Demetra Ray
Magical and Powerful!

Excellent oil for protecting oneself, and property/spaces. This Rue oil can be used to anoint sacred objects, crystals and tools to keep them clear from low frequency energies. Will buy again.

Stehanie Bravo
So powerful!

Love this oil! I put one or two drops on my head before going out to work and I can feel the protective layer around me throughout my day.