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The Magical of Botanical Distillation // Asheville Workshop

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 This class will introduce you to the wonderful world of botanical distilling, the process from which we create hydrosols and essential oils.  Whether you’re wanting to understand this process and the medicine, looking for an accessible way to begin distilling or simply dive deeper into your herbal & occult journey, this class will provide a great foundation. Together we will set up and run a traditional copper alembic. As the still works its magic revealing the plant's essence and aroma we’ll touch on the history and uses, both physical and on the psyche, of this ancient craft. Distillation can be a bit confusing and intimidating on paper, so this class will be visual, tactile and fun! 

Besides experiencing the copper alembic still from set-up to finished product, we will also review stovetop distillation that can be easily replicated in any home, as well as a variety of other options for distilling. There will be an emphasis on distilling for hydrosols, a product that’s rapidly gaining popularity. We’ll discuss its gentle, versatile and sustainable medicine, how to craft and decipher a potent hydrosol and why it should have a place in every apothecary.

We will briefly cover how aromatic medicine works on the psyche, brings us in relationship with the plants and ecosystem, and how this craft support a sustainable home practice instead of a big business mono-crop nightmare.

We’ll also cover questions to consider when beginning your journey into botanical distilling.


You'll with a leave new way to experience plants and your own hydrosol magic from the day!


Saturday June 15, 2024, 11-5ish


Saturday August 10, 2024 11-5ish

Held at Ritual Botanica in Asheville. Directions mailed prior to event, and can be found on google maps. 

Please bring snacks/ lunch (we will have a short break, a notebook and whatever else you need to feel comfortable during our time together. 

Limited spots available so please reserve yours in advance!


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About the instructor: 

Ash Sierra is driven by a desire to bridge gaps between the human and plant worlds. She is the heart and soul behind Ritual Botanica, a small-batch Appalachian apothecary specializing in botanical hydrosols and herbal medicine. Her background as a clinical herbalist, farmer, distiller, and astrologer are wrapped up in a practice focused on mental wellness and empowerment through an eclectic range of modalities including medical astrology, hermeticism, eco-psyschology and vitalism. She’s dedicated years of her herbal journey to the craft of distillation and loves sharing it with other like-minded plant allies, the type who enjoys a bit of magic and a bit of science. You can find her tending land in the Blue Ridge Mountains of NC. For medicine and magic visit:

The Magical of Botanical Distillation  // Asheville Workshop
The Magical of Botanical Distillation // Asheville Workshop Sale price$95.00

Customer Reviews

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Me encantaría asistir

Que increíble se ve., Maravilloso trabajo... Soy de chile se me hace imposible asistir. Habrán talleres vía web?


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Kelly Greer
Amazing, magickal experience

I am so glad I made the trip to attend this workshop! Ash was very knowledgeable & created such a serene & relaxed atmosphere that made the experience absolutely beautiful. From the setting to the information shared I was thoroughly impressed, it was well worth the time & money spent & I am looking forward to attending Ash's other workshops.