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Hydrosol Miniatures // organically tended plants, magical tiny sprays

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Choose one or more of your interest! 

T0BACC0: (Nicotiana rustica) for strengthening intentions and prayers, making offerings, protection

MARIGOLD: Marigold has been used for ancestral work throughout the centuries, originating in South America where it was dear to the Aztecs before spreading globally to a variety of cultures. The bright color and distinct scent of Marigold flowers ward off pests while providing a path for connection to our healthy ancestors. It has been used as a guiding force as well as a plant to offer one's respect

MUGWORT: Use this essence to connect with the Moon, forest, fields and open your being up to imagination and dream realms. Connect with your unconscious Being for divination work and dream exploration. Contains a hydrosol of Artemesia vulgaris in flower and a spirit distillation which contains organic cane alcohol 

CEDAR: (Juniperus virginiana bark) Cedar is a potent energy clearer that also offers an aura of protection and grounding. This tree can help us stand strongly in our truth and remember our ancient wisdom. 

SWEETGRASS: (Hierochleo odorata) staying in our truth and open to kindness and trust. Calls in benevolence and harmony. Also contains a small amount of sweetgrass tincture. 

PATCHOULI (Pogostemon cablin) one of my go-to’s for embodiment and trusting the body wisdom & intuitive wisdom on the physical plane.
Each sample is 10 mL. comes in cloth pouch

How to use:

Mist on your skin, altar, linens, or into the air  to shift your energy. 


Steam distilled, pure botanical extracts

100% botanical ingredients, no preservatives 
All of the plants used in these hydrosols were tended & grown by myself using organic methods. All hydrosols distilled in house.

Hydrosol Miniatures // organically tended plants, magical tiny sprays
Hydrosol Miniatures // organically tended plants, magical tiny sprays Sale price$7.90

Customer Reviews

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Ivy Jeanne
Hydrosol minis

The hydrosol minis have been a wonderful addition to my spiritual cleaning and clearing when needed! I like to spray them in my room or on myself when I am feeling bogged down. The mugwort hydrosol is potent and lovely. Looking forward to trying more! Thanks


Love the cedar spray!