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Gemini! Wheel of the Zodiac // Integrated Astrology Online Series

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The Wheel of the Zodiac series is centered on experience. Not just for you to experience the information and intelligence of plants and astrology in your body but also from someone with a long history of experience. I am not about regurgitated information which is rampant in our world today. Just to talk a little tea, I was telling people about their moon sign before they were aware of their sun sign. 

My approach to astrology is very grounded. It’s about our relation within and without, with ourselves and the world around us. It’s about how we are affected from the time we are born by the angle the sun meets the Earth, how each moment in the living world wide ecosystem affects us. I’m not pulling anything out of a hat, I can follow each thread of thought back to a core concept. 

I consider myself a depth astrologer. This isn’t a term really used yet but I feel it describes my approach best. It never felt holistic enough to say “well, l I study evolutionary, archetypal, medical and magical astrology but I have also trained in traditional hellenistic astrology and love the myth and folklore….” Depth astrology sums it all up for me. It’s a nod towards depth psychology, the psychology of soul, which explores personal and collective psyche through the world around us, it’s very animistic, ancient and soul centered. Depth can describe the profound nature, complexity. Depth refers to the extent or measurement of something from top to bottom or from the surface to the innermost part. It can also indicate the distance or measurement of how far downward or inward something extends. It’s similar to holistic, but takes it a little deeper

 To know a zodiac sign in depth you need to understand its archetype, how it relates to the body and the world around it, how it lives in our own psyche. Medical astrology, while rightly being its own branch of astrology, has never truly felt right. It places emphasis on physical well being and less on the interconnected and embodied look at the whole person. 

I don’t consider myself an astro-herbalist, a newer term that I love. It touches on one of my facets however my scope feels more encompassing. While I am a trained clinical herbalist with over a decade of experience with clients and medicine making, I am also well studied in aromatic medicine, eco-psychology, nutrition, yoga, alchemy, art, hermeticism and vitalism. I love working with plants and they will forever be at the heart of my work. I am not just looking at plants though, I have a lot of other information to combine.

Wisdom comes from experience and experience takes time. Even these boxes/ this series has been a long process, 7 years this project has been in the works.

This is not a fast program. It allows you a full zodiac season to feel the zodiac energy within and around you. Time to play with the medicine and explore your relationship with each particular sign. If you purchase the box you'll receive 2-3 medicines and a one hour discussion on the sign. This discussion will cover the sign briefly but deeply. We will explore its meaning, the archetype, the medical astrology and plant energetics then work with one of the medicines in an active imagination process to explore it in our own psyche. The hour covereds learning from a mental, somatic and creative way. 

Anyone who completes the entire zodiac cycle will receive a certificate of completion for the wheel of the year, with an opportunity to complete the entire integrated astrology program that will cover the planets and other aspects as well.


Zoom meeting for Gemini will be Thursday June 6 at 7:30 eastern time zone & will be recorded for those who cannot attend.

Gemini! Wheel of the Zodiac // Integrated Astrology Online Series
Gemini! Wheel of the Zodiac // Integrated Astrology Online Series Sale price$36.00

Customer Reviews

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Lucy Olive

For the very short time I was able to drop into the class, I was really excited to learn from you. I appreciate the depth you go into but its still easy to absorb. Thank you!

Sabina Nogo

Wheel of the Zodiac // Integrated Astrology Online Series

Emily C Dixon

Wheel of the Zodiac // Integrated Astrology Online Series

Jill Crawford
Aries Class

Absolutely lived for this class! As a fairly seasoned astrologer, the knowledge on Aries symbolism linked with plants, body, etc. was both refreshing and intriguing. I learned some new facts and left with a rejuvinated perspective on how the zodical archetype speaks to me. Ash's approach to exploring the sign as a spectrum was invaluable, especially considering how over saturated generic sun-sign-only info is found in today's media and resources. I also super dug the mythology tale and ended up diving deeper into the origin story she shared, once the class was finished. The meditation helped me have a special, breakthrough moment of self-acceptance and the tea was a lovely addition to the whole experience. I really appreciate how basically all my senses took an active part in participating in this class. I felt incredibly inspired to continue studying and share what I learned with my friends. Thank you, Ash!