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Golden Compound // 4oz special //tincture

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Turmeric has received a great deal of hype over the last decade, and with good reason! This root has powerful antioxidant actions with the ability to reduce inflammation when taken correctly. I value this plant for its ability to move the Liver which supports and heals various imbalances in the body and supports our endocannabinoid system. 

This is a spicy, potent blend of Turmeric containing white, yellow and curcumin standardized extract plus a dash of cardamon. White turmeric? YES! Curcuma zedoaria is used in Asian medicine more so than yellow for liver health. It leans a bit more on the cool side bringing balance to this spicy blend. 

I believe in the synergistic action of using whole plants but studies show turmeric's real magic comes in more powerful dosages and daily use. This blend contains both the whole root and the standardized extract to increase its medicinal potency. 

This blend can be used acutely for pain when taken in larger dosages or as a daily tonic by adding a few drops to milk or a milk alternative to create the famous "golden milk." Why milk? Turmeric absorbs best when paired with fat and taken with pepper and spices that increase circulation to the gut. For the blend to be perfect all you need is your favorite milk. This can be dairy or coconut, even just adding some oil or ghee to your tea will work.

4oz amber glass bottle

How to use:

Take 60-90 drops / 2-3 squirts directly in mouth or for best absorption combine with a fat (in dairy milk, coconut milk, or with another fat or oil), use around mealtime 2-3x daily 


Organic cane ethanol extracts of organically grown yellow turmeric (Cucuma longa,) white turmeric (Curcuma zedoaria,) organic standardized curcumin powder 95%, organic black pepper (Piper nigrum,) organically grown cayenne pepper (Capsicum annuum.)

Customer Reviews

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Golden ✨💫

Absolutely love this tincture! It’s been a daily add in to herbal infusions or coffees and I can already feel a difference in inflammation levels. Love the taste as well!