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Plants at the Heart
Ritual Botanica was born from the heart of a plant lover, herbalist, gardener, activist and maker devoted to quality and unique craft.

While there are a few truly adored staple products, most of the offerings you'll find in our inventory change with the season, driven by the constant inspiration of nature; the garden, the plants, the shifting ecosystem, the stars. 

 Nearly all the plants found in the products come from the Ritual Botanica plant sanctuary or places we have deep relationship with and carefully wild-harvest from. We also seek out and work with a handfull of small scale farmers who use organic practices. This is better than organic, promise.

You can be sure all the products offered are top quality. They must live up to the standards of a herbalist trained in clinical skills and phytochemistry who deeply cares that the medicine provided is potent, works and is something we would want to enjoy for personally. Everything is fresh and chemical free. 

EVEN all the alcohol used for extraction is organic!

Ash specializes and does all the distillation in house, assuring the hydrosols provided are vital and ready to interact with your psyche. 

 RB is a small batch, women run business with a moral code...

what matters to us

High Quailty Plants
 All the plants used in Ritual Botanica products are grown chemical-free with organic cultivation practice standards.  

This makes them stronger, healthier and super potent, as well as better for the enviroment and your body. 

Each and every product is free of synthetics, parabens, sodium laural sulfates, chemical perservatives, petroleum and fillers.
Harvesting is done with great care. The garden is trimmed and picked with the plant's growth and pollinator's needs in mind. Wildcrafting is carried out with sustainable methods in specials places RB has standing relationships.

When a plant becomes threated we avoid the use of that plant unless it's being propogated it at the sanctuary or produced in ways to support it's thriving.

RB always keeps cultures and cultural uses' in mind. We avoid companies that are destoying ecosystems and the lives and liveihoods that tend those lands. 
Small Scale
We value plants grown in small scale environments with plenty of diversity. Most plants, even organic, are grown by the tens -of-acres, row after row of a single plant. This mono-crop style of farming degrades soil and large expanses of land. Mono-cropping was a cause of the dust bowl.

When RB sources plants not only is organic/organically grown important, but supporting small farms using sustainable practices. Making a small foot-print is part of the RB moral code as well. If the plants aren't being carefully hand-harvested in house we seek out our friend farmers.
Besides hand harvesting most of the plants ourselves, all the medicine is also made by us, reaching into an understanding of phytochemistry, clinical experience, personal experience and magic to produce potent medicine. 

Distilling is our speciality and great care is taken in producing potent, richly saturaed floral waters. Keeping an eye on each step of the process, from seed to bottle, assures RB's high quality artisan hydrosols.
One more thing...RB loves animals, so we don't test on them, ever, and avoid ingredients from companies that do.

Everything is tested on willing humans. Again and again.