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Passionflower // tincture

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Tincture of Passionflower processed fresh, using 1/2 blossoms and 1/2 young vine tips & leaves. Passionflower makes a great ally when you want to unwind at the end of the day, calm anxious energy, and drift peacefully to sleep. As an herb of Neptune, it allows pent-up energy to dissolve, to connect our hearts with our higher selves, and blur the walls we put up throughout the day. Passionflower in higher amounts is considered a hypnotic and sedative. 

How to use:

Take 60-90 drops / 2-3 squirts in mouth or a small amount of water 2-3x daily
If pregnant, breastfeeding or on medication please consult your doctor.


Organically grown Passionflower (Passiflora incarnata,) organic cane alcohol, spring water.

100% botanical ingredients, no preservatives 

Passionflower // tincture
Passionflower // tincture Sale price$23.00 Regular price$24.00

Customer Reviews

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Chill Juice

Ok, so first i need to admit that I had never really dabbled in tinctures and kinda thought they were one of those woo-woo things that didn't work, but boy have ritual botanica's products proved me wrong. This passionflower tincture fully chills me out when I am feeling anxious. I probably have less anxiety than the average person, but do get anxious/stressed when I have a long work day and it's such a gift having this on hand to help ground me. Thank you for showing me the ways of the potions!

Casper Wyatt

Passionflower // tincture

Kali Arline
Passionflower tincture

I suffer from general anxiety disorder. The passionflower tincture that I ordered from Ritual Botanica has had an incredible impact on my ability to reduce anxious forecasting. I work as a crisis counselor and the recent 988 rollout has intensified the stress levels associated with my job, which has caused me to dread going to work. This tincture has allowed me to stay present and work thoughtfully through feelings of intense anxiety. It has been so effective for me, that I ordered a second bottle.

Marissa Schneider
soft, soothing, timely

I love this so much— it's potent medicine and a real heart balm. I've never had tinctures as good as Ash's that get to work on the body so quick. You can really tell and ***deeply feel*** the care and love that goes into this work, and you'll be able to feel it even more once you get your hands on this tincture and chill your system out 😉 Thank you, Ash, so very much for creating and sharing such beautiful medicine!

anne gerow

Passionflower // tincture