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Albiziae Potion // collective happiness plant

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Calm the spirit & release constrained emotions.

Albizia julibrissin "collective happiness" tree brightens my mood by sheer by the sight  and smell of the floating pink pom poms puffs. This tree--the bark and flower, have been used for centuries in Chinese medicine; you'll commonly see it indicated for such things as anxiety, depression, loss, grief, and insomnia.

I've seen the flower work magic for uplifting the heart, calming the spirit, unbinding constrained emotions, allowing joy and enjoyment again. I use it in more acute situations than I do the bark which seems to work a bit deeper, when you're ready to confront and transform the cause of the imbalance, ready to move through the feelings.

In the same way it fixes nitrogen (like other pea family plants!) it seems to gather all the dispersed feels and bring them in, anchoring them for the real work. That's just my opinion. I love to blend a little bark extract with a bunch of flower extract & a dash of honey.

CONTRAINDICATION: do not ingest this tincture if you have any predisposition or history of mania. 

2oz amber glass with dropper 

How to use: 

Take 60-90 drops/ 2-3 squirts in mouth or a small amount of water 2-3x daily


Organic cane alcohol extract of Albizziae julibrissin bark and fresh flowers, honey, and spring water. 

100% botanical ingredients, no preservatives

Albiziae Potion // collective happiness plant
Albiziae Potion // collective happiness plant Sale price$19.00 Regular price$24.00

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
A Wilson
Beautiful formula

What wonderful and special medicine. Right when I need it. Love.

Marcelo Dacal

My favorite so far. Balanced very beautifully. Tastes great alone and blends well.