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Amber Oil // body oil

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THE SMELL OF THIS ONE! Swoon!! It's truly magical and an overall favorite. 

Healing and protecting--physically and energetically. Especially great for embodiment work and moving forward from physical trauma of any kind, but also wonderful on the oil and hair. 

When a pine tree is wounded, it releases a resinous sap (aka pitch) to close and heal the vulnerable area. This pitch not only seals the wound but provides an external immunity and antiseptic shield to prevent infection and microbes from causing further damage. In fact, bees collect Pine Pitch for their own extremely potent and effective immune resin that is used to seal cracks and gaps in their hives.

Pine Pitch offers these same healing abilities to humans as well. A bit of Pine Pitch Oil over a wound or irritated skin will protect, seal, and heal. It’s warming and stimulating, making it a perfect cold-weather body oil. Use to massage stiff joints and aching muscles, dry skin or chapped lips.

The scent is reminiscent of walking through a wet pine forest. A little of this oil placed on pulse points and between the eyes will guide you to this peaceful, grounded state of mind, united with the spirit of an old Appalachian forest.


This resin is collected from fallen branches in the forest and from tree wounds that have already been sealed and healed. The mix of these two types of resins, older and new, allow for the smell to be balanced and full once slowly emulsified with the oil.

How to use:

Dispense an ample amount of oil in hands to massage stiff joints and aching muscles, dry skin or chapped lips. Avoid using on a very hot spot of skin, as this oil is warming.


Wildcrafted Pine Resin, raw shea butter, organic sunflower seed oil, organic sesame oil, piñon pine essential oil

Amber Oil // body oil
Amber Oil // body oil Sale price$27.50

Customer Reviews

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Cozy and Hydrated

I LOVE this oil. I am picky as hell because I am a dry lady and I have used countless body and face oils so I know my stuff. I love this oil all year round but, I have to say, it's especially delicious in the winter because of the cozy pine smell. It's labeled as body oil but I use it as face oil as well. I love all Ritual Botanica's products but this one is a personal favorite. If I could bathe in this oil I would. Also, compared to other oils of a similar caliber, it is very well priced.


This body oil is a beautiful golden amber. I love it. It's both nourishing and protective for your body but also energetically. I use this sparingly because if didn't I use it up so quickly! I find it great on skin areas that need high moisture, and I think this would be great on the right hair, will try that soon. The scent is lovely, but not overwhelming. Overall this stuff is great, from packaging and product.