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Florida Water

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Once upon a time, well 1800's American that is, Florida Water was regarded as "the best perfume in the world," with a long list of applications and remedies. By the 1900's its potent cleansing and refreshing characteristics were picked up by spiritual workers, especially in the Santeria, Voodoo and Hoodoo traditions.

It's now used to cleanse the body, altars and tools; especially 7 day candles. Florida water is often sprayed as a blessing and offering, used to anoint the body, attract good fortune and benevolent spirits. The vibrations of anything that comes into contact with Florida Water is raised so that negativity cannot thrive. 

Just as Florida water was America's take on eau de cologne, this Florida Water is Ritual Botanica's Appalachian herbal twist on these popular sprays. Instead of solely Essential Oils, this blend is crafted from hydrosols and extracts, still remaining true to the strong floral & citrus notes which are staples to Florida Water. Lavender remains as a core ingredients with it's panacea of benefits. Lemon Balm and Sassafras leaves make up the citrus notes while offering uplifting and cleansing properties. For an extra cleansing boost Poke berries are blended in. Angelica archangelica offers a door to connect with higher energies & vibrations. Bergamot peel is replaced with Bee Balm which offers assistance with releasing emotions and balancing the blend as well as harmonizing your own being. Lastly Pea Flowers offers the sweetness of home, allowing us to remain grounded while doing our work. The color of this Florida Water is one that resonates with our higher selves--our evolved chakras in a sense. 

*Hue of purple may vary throughout year and batch*

2oz amber glass bottle with fine mist top

How to use:

Mist on your skin, altar, magical tools, linens, or into the air for cleansing and protection. 


Steam distilled hydrosols of Angelica (Angelica triquinat,) Sassafras leaves (Sassafras albidum,) Lemon Balm flowering tops (Melissa officinalis,) Wild crafted Bee Balm (Monarda didyma,) Lavender flowers (Lavandula spp.,) and extracts of Butterfly Pea Flower (Citoria ternatea) and Poke Berry (Phytolacca americana).

100% botanical ingredients, no preservatives 

Florida Water
Florida Water Sale price$24.00

Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
Ann Segaard
Florida Water

I use this magical tonic to clear the space before & after massage treatments. My clients always comment how sacred the room feels when they enter. This is a valuable tool to have in my Healing Tool Chest

Not Today Satan

This stuff is gold. I love using it as part of my morning routine to clean both internal and external energy before I sit down to write in my journal and greet the day. It helps start the day fresh and get rid of any negative energies.

Paula Kolakowski

Florida Water

Juliet Denner
This is everything

I love the smell and use it on my altar daily.

Charlene Rountree
Beautiful and scentful

I can tell this Florida water is authentically made and not chemicalized. Thank you for making genuine products that smell beautifully herby!

shanti z
Blessing water !

Ash is sensational. A true person and her care and attention shows in all of her products. I love the clear bottle, the translucent color and spritzing the directions with Florida water as an offering. I have never been disappointed with Ritual Botanica. I always receive an extra sense of joyful surprise and delight from the packaging to the bottles and labels to the amazing products themselves

Corrin Turkowitch

this has to be one of my favorite florida waters i have ever had the pleasure of purchasing. it is refreshing, i feel great spraying on my face and the back of my neck, as well as my space. i also love the slight purple hue. will definitely be getting this again!!

Michael O'Cain
Thank you

A wonderful rendition of the original Florida Water with the intentional addition of jinx-breaking and energetic cleansing herbs. Thank you for creating this product. Labeling and packaging are immaculate. Thank you. I now understand why everyone always raves about you.


Why does this smell sooo good? It's magic. It smells fresher than fresh. Like hasn't been born yet fresh. Floral and crisp and effervescent. I want to smell this all day on all of the days. Nights too. I try to save it for special occasions but it makes every occasion special! I walked into my room -special! Spritz spritz. I got home from work- special! Spritz spritz. Climbing into bed...definitely special and time to mist my pillows with this mamma jamma and be protected in my sleep. Yes! The pretty lavender grey color adds to the mysterious aura of this precious concoction. True love.

Cleansing and calming

I can't say enough positive things about this beautiful and unique Florida Water. The scent is subtly spicy and invigorating, yet calming and centering. I love the way it makes me and my space feel. Thank you for your work with plant magic!