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Marigold // hydrosol

Sale price$16.85

Hydrosol of fresh Marigold flowers, Tagetes erecta.

Seasonal hydrosol of Marigold flowers perfect for the liminal time of year --Scorpio season-- a time to connect with and honor our ancestors and familiar spirits. 

Marigold has been used for ancestral work throughout the centuries, originating in South America where it was dear to the Aztecs before spreading globally to a variety of cultures. 

The bright color and distinct scent of Marigold flowers ward off pests while providing a path for connection to our healthy ancestors. It's been used as a guiding force as well as a plant to offer one's respect. 

2oz clear glass bottle with fine mist cap

How to use:

Mist on your skin, altar, magical tools, linens, or into the air for cleansing and protection. 


Steam distilled, pure botanical extract of marigold flowers.

100% botanical ingredients, no preservatives 

Marigold // hydrosol
Marigold // hydrosol Sale price$16.85

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Anna Lucas
Marigold Hydrosol

This product was given to me as a gift last summer. I used it up and kept thinking about it and finally ordered more. Its literally like spraying sunshine on my face. I absolutely love it.

Esther Meima
Awesome Products

Great customer service and the products are super wonderful. 🙂

Surprise fave!

This hydrosol surprised me in the most pleasant way! The earthy, sharp, crisp smell of marigold flowers translates so well in this product. I guess there's no translating to be done since its just pure distilled marigolds :) but there's an almost...slightly musky warmth that has never been apparent to me when smelling the actual flowers in the ground. Also worth noting that the scent lingers a little while longer than other hydrosols, which I found lovely when spritzed on my skin.
I initially tried this one bc in the description it says marigold is good for keeping away pests. I recalled reading somewhere that marigold in the garden is a natural insect deterrent, however I immediately thought this offering would be good for keeping human pests away too! Haha seems to be working 💪

Marigold heaven

This hydrosol is sooo fragrant and fresh and delicious! Been spraying it all over my body and using it in ceremony to connect with ancestors. In love.